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With the U.S. tax season still so fresh in our minds, as homeowners we are reminded of all the taxes we pay on our properties. But what exactly are property taxes? Are there any tax breaks for homeowners? Below you will find useful tax information that may help you should you own a property or plan on buying one this year. More info here.

Inventory Shortage Gripping Central Mississippi Real Estate Market


2016 was the best year in The Hetrick Team’s history! 2017 is shaping up to be the same. But there is a problem . . .


WE NEED MORE LISTINGS. HOMES ARE MOVING SO QUICKLY, WE CANNOT HOLD ON TO OUR INVENTORY! And, on top of that, fewer sellers are entering the market this year than last. As a result, qualified buyers are sitting and waiting for homes to come available.


For months now, our best listings, priced reasonably and well-prepared for the market, have been going under contract in a matter of days, and sometimes in just hours.  And, so far, in 2017, things are rocking on along the same. But there are many fewer homes to sell so far this year.


With interest rates beginning to creep up, with the re-entry into the market of many consumers who have now recovered from losses they suffered in the early part of this decade, and with first-time buyers continuing to move into the market in larger numbers,  we have the potential for a continued robust market.


Buyers are out there. BUT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TO BUY!


So a note to all you potential sellers: If you want to take advantage for this situation, NOW is the time to call us and meet with us. You stand the best chance in several years of getting TOP DOLLAR and A QUICK SALE if you ACT NOW.


Don’t forget: We go the extra mile to help our clients prepare their homes for sale, price them right, stage them well; and we invest wisely in professional photography, video and effective online marketing. Also, experience our new 3D walk-through tour technology, Matterport:;Call us now. 601-664-6980.


Buyers: Interest rates have begun to creep higher. Homes are STILL selling in days. Demand STILL exceeds the supply of ready-to-sell homes. New financing and closing regulations mean longer waits between contract and closing, so don’t assume you know what to expect. A lot has changed – in 2010, and again in October, 2015, so if you have not been in the market in several years, you’ll find our buyer orientation programs useful and beneficial. Also, buyers need the freshest, most accurate info on homes for sale to take advantage of sometimes brief windows of opportunity when the right home hits the market.  And, that’s what The Hetrick Team does well.  We make sure our buyer clients are ready to buy—prepared, poised and ready to go.  Our buyers stay a step ahead of the market. Call us now. 601-664-6950.


As we have been for over 19 years, we are here to help. Just give us a call or drop us a line.

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The Hetrick Team
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